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Spikey Art


Stack-laminated, CNC-machined hardwood plywood. Parametric decoration is hand pinstriping and silver leaf with 3D printed crenellations in PLA.


Spikey Art


Stack laminated, CNC machined hardwood plywood body. Welded, polished stainless steel legs. Hand-painted parametric decoration with pinstriping and silver leaf plus clearcoat.

Spikey Art


CNC machined, finger-jointed sugar pine body. Cast, polished aluminium legs with CNC machined ABS feet. Stencilled and pinstriped parametric decoration with clearcoat.


Spikey Art

All art makes the challenging transition from sketch to 3D computer model. All designs are fabricated digitally with either 3D printers or CNC machining. Finishing and decoration is manual.


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Colin is a British artist, designer, and maker who was born in South Africa and fabricates his work in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.

Most of my ideas for form are driven by nature and feminine forms. I think the power of subtle compound curvature, tightly controlled and refined, is highly underrated. Today, we’re so accustomed to the soullessness of flatpack, I find it highly enjoyable to consider what would furniture look like if the real world costs of fabrication and materials and shipping weren’t taken into consideration. Wouldn’t it feel more alive? More individual? More joyous?

Recently, I’ve been experimenting with parametric decoration. This is the idea that the decoration conforms to the surface that it is placed on. The objects are designed into shapes that respect the decorations that they will be dressed in, and, likewise, the decoration respects the underlying surface. This is in contrast to typical fashion and upholstery where 2-dimensional fabric is simply wrapped around a 3D form with no relationship between the two.